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Take control of your launch by A/B testing different variations of your Product Hunt launch page and drive higher engagement and conversions. IndieZebra, helps you to stand out from the competition and access to your maximum potential.

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A/B test for your Product Hunt launch

IndieZebra allows you to A/B test with different versions of your Product Hunt tagline and objectively evaluate their performance.

By testing variations of taglines/descriptions with different personas you'll gain invaluable insights into what truly engages your audience and compels them to take action.


Enter your product name and description


Let the us create variations of your tagline

Get Insights

See which variation performs best and why with a detailed breakdown


Launch your product with the best version on Product Hunt

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Pick the best performing copy

Run A/B tests on multiple variations of your launch copy to find the best performing one. No more guesswork. No more gut feelings.


Confidently launch


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